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Follow Steps - Tai Chi for Health Exercise Classes and Neurological and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Group exercise

Exercising alone and exercising with others both have health benefits, increased frequency of exercise with others has important health benefits regardless of the total frequency of exercise. A social interaction perspective is useful to assist with promoting exercise adherence long term.  

Follow Steps - Tai Chi for Health Exercise Classes and Neurological and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Tai chi as exercise for improving balance, core and lower body strength, coordination and cardiovascular health

Focused lower /upper body, core muscles strengthening



Tai chi is great exercise for improving balance, core and lower body strength, coordination and cardiovascular health. Join our on line class in the EARLY MORNINGS. 

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi ( less commonly  spelled “Taiji”) originated in ancient China and has its roots in Chinese medicine, meditation and martial traditions. Tai Chi is also known as meditation with movement as it combines relaxed flowing movement with a calm but alert mental state ( Yu 2003). There are many styles  of Tai Chi and even more forms. The oldest one known is Chen. The other well known styles the Yang and Sun style both developed from Chen. Tai Chi  loosely translates as shadow boxing and is also known as internal martial art.

Tai Chi has four commonly differentiated pillars.

  • Qi Gong
  • The Form
  • Push hands
  • Applications

Long standing participants of Tai Chi are also known as Tai Chi players  as you often see them playing with movement attempting to apply the Tai Chi principles into the new movement they happen to be learning during their practice.

The foundation pillar of Tai Chi is Qi Gong, a vast selection of repetitive moves encouraging health and well being of the body. The practice of Qi Gong moves encourages gentle  stretching of joints and muscles in relaxed postures. The second pillar  known as Tai Chi Form is a selection of movements performed in preselected order and its length can be as short as 24 to well over 73 moves. There are differences between styles and forms and every school will have a little variety in their forms. What is most important is that Tai Chi principles are adhered to when practicing even the simplest of  moves. Those principles encourage good relaxed balanced posture, integration of the whole body in creation of movement, while maintaining softness, awareness and avoiding tension.

Tai Chi has been used in many health studies and the research is now backing its unquestionable benefits to health.

How Can Tai Chi Improve Your Health? From our own experience as clinicians and via application of Tai Chi movements to individual clients training programmes we know that modified Tai Chi/Qigong exercises are highly enjoyable and effective. In our classes we teach exercises which are selected from the traditional Qigong and basic Tai Chi form movements and adapted when needed; the main focus is on exercising large joints throughout their functional range of movement, loosening the waist, and maintaining upright posture throughout selective stepping sequences. All selected stepping sequences are focusing on maintenance and development of good stepping width, length together with correct heel strike and push off throughout the gait cycle. Tai Chi consists of fluid, gentle, graceful, and circular movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo. Breathing is deepened and slowed, aiding visual and mental concentration. Tai Chi is a sophisticated art with many different styles and forms. Despite the many variations of Tai Chi, its effectiveness for improving health and inner energy derives from a set of essential principles.

Tai Chi has been shown in research to strengthen lower limb muscles, improve flexibility, posture and balance which results in prevention of falls. In deconditioned and sedentary population, it improves cardiovascular endurance. Tai Chi aids mental relaxation and increases sense of well-being. It is especially suitable as a therapy for chronic conditions because its movements are slow and gentle, and the level of exertion can be adjusted to suit each person’s physical condition.

Regular practice of Qigong & Tai chi has many health benefits.  Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medication in motion.” There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems.  Tai chi differs from other types of exercise in several aspects. The movements are usually circular and never forced, the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, the joints are not fully extended or bent, and connective tissues are not stretched. Tai chi can be easily adapted for anyone, from the most fit to people confined to wheelchairs or recovering from surgery. Regular practice of Qigong /Tai chi is known improve balance, focus, posture, range of movement . When practiced in standing it will strengthen your postural, core and lower limb muscles. You may already have a problem with your balance or would like to ensure that your balance stays at its best. Let us teach you a short form (set of movements) you can practice any time and anywhere without any equipment to ensure that you stick with the regular practice every exercise needs in order to be effective in improving your health in general but mostly your balance and posture. 

Practicing Qigong and Tai Chi is great way how to improve and maintain your standing static and dynamic balance, coordination, core and leg strength. We will adapt each move if necessary and gradually progress to match your ability. 
We practice movements from the Sun Style form (73 moves) Yang style form ( 24 moves also known as the ” Beijing form”).

We adapt some of the moves if needed and allow you to progress in your own pace and ability. Using a wheel chair no problems. We will adapt the form allow you to use your body, shoulders and arms. Challenging also your body awareness, coordination and memory.

For more info on Tai Chi for health please go to our resource and links page

Why Choose Follow Steps To Teach You Tai Chi?

Simplicity in learning while remaining focused on health. At start Tai Chi it can appear little confusing. Tai Chi can be taught in  so many ways, there are many different forms and styles.

When you learn with us you will start with an adapted shorter form of Sun style Tai Chi. We select movements to allow even a complete beginner to learn the foundation and principles of Tai Chi. Even if you have not exercised for a long time or if you have some limitation in movement caused by a health condition or old injury in our Tai Chi exercise class we will teach you slowly, adapting any exercise if needed to avoid straining  your  body.

In our classes you can take a rest at any time and ask questions when you are unsure. Our classes run for one hour, which includes a thorough warm up using selected Qi Gong exercises, a few walking drills and finally the form.  We do not teach push hands or martial application of the moves as that is not the aim of our classes. There are many Tai Chi schools who do and we gladly recommend other teachers who will be able to take you to that level if you wish .

BALANCE CLASS join our class on SATURDAY MORNINGS ON on line .

We select appropriate standing core and leg strength, postural stability and vestibular rehabilitation exercisers to help you work on your balance.  Join the 50-minute group exercise on line session (maximum number per group x 6)


For those who would like the idea of circuit. Work for full hour on improving their strength, balance & coordination. We include weights/resistance bands, exercises with body weight resistance, weighted ball and of course a little bit of qigong at the end. 

Can’t or won’t do it alone … let us help you.  For the committed we have bunch booking available. If you like the variety and access to all you can choose to ALL ROUNDER bunch booking, which will give you access to all three classes of your choice. 

Having a friend to practice makes it more fun and the chance that you will practice in between session goes up. A little competition or friendly encouragement may be just what you need to start exercising regularly and seeing the benefits that would bring. 

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“I have balance problems and find these classes invaluable; both from a physical and mental health prospective. All the participants are welcoming and friendly and the instructors are great. It’s not strenuous and is done in a gentle way. I love attending this class and really look forward to my one hour every week.”

By Iris

“The Tai Chi for Health Classes have really made a significant improvement to my overall balance, coordination, general mobility and stamina, among other benefits. Michaela and David, our lovely Instructors, are very understanding of the physical needs of people like me and have patiently, lovingly and supportively taken me through the journey towards achieving better physical health through Tai Chi and it’s their support that has enabled me to get to where I’m at physically. In addition to the physical exertions, the Tai Chi for Health Classes provide an enjoyable experience in a relaxed environment with some fun shared with fellow participants who make it worthwhile. I always look forward to attending the weekly classes.”

By Evelyn

‘Usually I would have opted for a ‘high impact’ form of exercise, however since starting Tai Chi I have found this to be so beneficial.

After the class, I feel so relaxed and the slow controlled movements exercise the body and the brain.
It helps posture, balance and fitness in a friendly calm environment.
Thank you’

By Sandra

‘As a Parkinsons sufferer I have found Tai Chi to be beneficial for balance and coordination. My leg and core strength has improved.

It is also very social and enjoyable for all ages and outlooks.’

By Roger

The merits of Tai chi are difficult to explain as a lay man, but Tai Chi brings the collective beauty of people normally marred with the disease together in an un self-conscious way, and one can feel the benefits almost immediately with the inner peace it endeavours.”

By Robert S.