Exercise Classes face to face and online


Times are flexible and we will do our best to find suitable time and appropriate plan how to move forward.

We offer wide range of exercise, choice depends on your preference and your needs.

Contact us to work out the best plan to suit your circumstances. 

Follow Steps - Tai Chi for Health Exercise Classes and Neurological and Vestibular Rehabilitation

LEGS Local Exercise Groups for stroke and neurological conditions ( REGISTERED CHARITY NO. 1177659)

LEGS Tai Chi/QiGong Exercise face to face class  (Wednesday’s )

LEGS Tai Chi/QiGong Exercise ONLINE classes (Saturday’s )

To book please visit the LEGS website for more information (www.legs.org.uk/exerciseclasses and contact LEGS physiotherapist on 07471 210 359 for your initial contact/brief assessment, which will be carried out on line or over the phone.

ON LINE Follow Steps Individual or group sessions

Exercising alone and exercising with others both have health benefits, increased frequency of exercise with others has important health benefits regardless of the total frequency of exercise. A social interaction perspective is useful to assist with promoting exercise adherence long term.  

Go to our booking page via Buy me a Coffee link for full selection of classes:

Extras | FOLLOW STEPS on line (buymeacoffee.com)

Cancelations require only minimum 2 hours notice in order to maintain your credit, which can be use towards further booking in the future.  

Our online exercise guidance and classes help to maintain regular access to appropriate longer term exercise guidance and support. 


On Line Exercise Individual & groups

FOLLOW STEPS on line is Your guide to suitably paced and appropriate exercise in your home (buymeacoffee.com)

Click on the above link or go to: https://buymeacoffee.com/followsteps

Under EXTRA you will find selection of online individual exercise sessions and group classes. Even if you have not exercised for a long time or if you have limitation in movement caused by a health condition or old injury in our classes, we will teach you slowly, adapting any exercise if needed to avoid straining your body.

BALANCE exercises session, Saturday morning, Tuesday afternoon

This class is available to book as a course of 12 sessions. In this class we practice standing lower and core strengthening exercises, postural stability and eye /gaze stability exercises. We work with varied base of supports ( width of stance/soft and challenging surfaces), we also include dual tasking exercises to challenge your balance further. Booking into one of the Balance class courses allows you to interchangeably attend any or both.

Qigong exercises session, Tuesday afternoon , Wednesday early morning

Deep breathing plays a central role in this therapeutic mindful exercise. It calms the sympathetic (fight and flight) and activates the parasympathetic (rest and digest ) side of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is known to regulate breathing, heartbeat and digestion. The slow, gentle movements help you to warm up your tendons, muscles, ligaments, mobilise the joints and promote circulation of body fluids (i.e. blood, lymph). In this session you will learn to coordinate physical movements with breath through repetition of one or sequence of movements. Choose ( book as you go or course of 8 drop in sessions)

TAI CHI (Yang style/24 forms) session, Tuesday late afternoon 

Our new course starting again in June (Yang style “Beijing” 24 movements form)

Prepare to exercise your whole body and mind. Regular practice of Tai Chi offers balance, dual tasking and coordination challenge. Tai Chi will benefit your cardiovascular health, range of movement, posture and postural stability. In standing it will help strengthen your legs and engage your core muscles.

We select movements to allow even a complete beginner to learn the foundation and principles of Tai Chi. We practice the Tai chi form ( Yang style 24 also known as the Beijing form ).

All of the moves can be adapted to easier higher stance for all to enjoy. 

Good to know:

<Booking for Balance class or Qigong class course allows you to attend interchangeably both classes in one week.


“I have balance problems and find these classes invaluable; both from a physical and mental health prospective. All the participants are welcoming and friendly and the instructors are great. It’s not strenuous and is done in a gentle way. I love attending this class and really look forward to my one hour every week.”

By Iris

“The Tai Chi for Health Classes have really made a significant improvement to my overall balance, coordination, general mobility and stamina, among other benefits. Michaela and David, our lovely Instructors, are very understanding of the physical needs of people like me and have patiently, lovingly and supportively taken me through the journey towards achieving better physical health through Tai Chi and it’s their support that has enabled me to get to where I’m at physically. In addition to the physical exertions, the Tai Chi for Health Classes provide an enjoyable experience in a relaxed environment with some fun shared with fellow participants who make it worthwhile. I always look forward to attending the weekly classes.”

By Evelyn

‘Usually I would have opted for a ‘high impact’ form of exercise, however since starting Tai Chi I have found this to be so beneficial.

After the class, I feel so relaxed and the slow controlled movements exercise the body and the brain.
It helps posture, balance and fitness in a friendly calm environment.
Thank you’

By Sandra

‘As a Parkinsons sufferer I have found Tai Chi to be beneficial for balance and coordination. My leg and core strength has improved.

It is also very social and enjoyable for all ages and outlooks.’

By Roger

The merits of Tai chi are difficult to explain as a lay man, but Tai Chi brings the collective beauty of people normally marred with the disease together in an un self-conscious way, and one can feel the benefits almost immediately with the inner peace it endeavours.”

By Robert S.